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Laboratory Medical Ozone Generation System

Ozone Generator for Application in Medicine

Medical Ozone Generator
Medical Ozone Generator

The BiOzone partnership has been building ozone generators for a variety of industries since 1983. The major component of our laboratory medical treatment system is the ozonator, which is built to your specifications. The laboratory medical ozone generator is assembled from high quality material, solid state electronics, and mechanical parts manufactured with consistently close tolerances, creating a uniquely high quality end product. By selecting the best available electronic components, we have achieved long-term success and maintain a large satisfied customer base.

Our technology emphasizes superior quality and utmost dependability of the equipment, high value received and in-depth engineering expertise. Most of our installations carry a comprehensive process warranty.

The ozone generation system is fully automated allowing the technician to concentrate on the application. The unit is light weight at only 10 lbs, the dimensions are 19” height, 9” width and 5” depth. It is portable.

The gold standard for laboratory medical ozone applications is 80 gammas or 80 mg per liter ozone gas concentration at a flow rate of 0.5 liter / minute oxygen gas flow. All of our units are calibrated to meet this standard. Ozone gas output is variable from 0 to 100%.

The electrical connection is universal, from 50 to 60 Hz frequency and 110 to 240 Volts.

We support clients with an extensive library of Ozone in Medicine publications.

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