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Ozone air purification systems produce clean and purified air through ozone oxidation technology. Ozone air purification and our ozone air purifier systems provide disinfection and odor control for ozone air environments. The high oxidation potential of ozone is utilized to its greatest advantage with ozone air purifier equipment manufactured by BiOzone.

Ozone air purifier oxidation of odor and cleaning of exhaust gases such as sulfur, nitrogen and carbon bearing gases results in ozone air purification and make the BiOzone air purifier process a very successful ozone air purification treatment option. Ozone air purifier products from BiOzone are of high quality and the ozone air purifier improves the air quality by reducing indoor air pollutants that filters cannot contain.

The ozone air purifier completely breaks down odors and other pollutants at the source through our air purification systems. BiOzone is the leader in ozone air purification technology and ozone air purifier systems. BiOzone is available to answer any questions you may have about ozone air purification and air purifier system processes through the use of ozone technology. Feel free to contact BiOzone about our ozone air purifier technology here: Ozone Air Purification Information.

A new term has been appearing in the papers: Sick Building Syndrome. As buildings get tighter to conserve energy, they also become containers of pollutants. The sources vary from the release of chemicals from new carpets, to the natural breakdown of polymers used to make paint and furniture, to copying machines and cleaning fluids, to the exhalants from the people themselves. A 1986 EPA study found some new buildings with "levels of chemicals that were 100 times higher than outdoor levels." The results are drowsiness, headaches, irritability, chills, forgetfulness, and reduced productivity. Less often, but with more critical results, are airborne viral and bacterial infections such as Legionnaires' disease.

Meeting minimum interior air quality requirements often involves forced input of exterior air for dilution of the contaminants. This not only has limited effectiveness, but it is expensive, particularly when heating or cooling is required. When interior contaminant levels are very high, such as in parking basements fouled with automotive exhaust, the costs can be exorbitant while still producing a quality only generously described as acceptable.

Industrial processes often involve volatile organic compounds (VOC's) and other gaseous emissions limited by the Federal Clean Air Act and local requirements. Further, an increased awareness of the health problems and public attitudes attributable to air quality have caused many companies to take good-neighbor steps to minimize discharges into the air. Despite forced and voluntary actions directed toward minimizing the production of air contaminants, the quality of air in our urban centers continues to deteriorate.

The problems described in each of the above paragraphs can be solved. These pollutants, viruses, volatiles, etc., can be scrubbed from the air and put into water for destruction by wet oxidation with ozone.

BiOzone Corporation has the necessary technology and equipment. State-of-the-art scrubbers are available to clean various quantities of air. When the problems of air contamination have been converted to contaminants in water, they can then be efficiently destroyed by using our proprietary ozone reactors. These are real solutions, not just the transfer of pollutants from one medium to another. What were foul and dangerous contaminants become totally deodorized and destroyed or converted to non-toxic, biodegradable compounds which can be safely disposed of.

For residential applications to remove malodorants, combat mold and mildew, and destroy allergy micropollutants, we recommend a corona discharge household ozonator. Keeping the ozone gas concentration below .05 ppm generates an atmosphere similar to the clean, fresh air feeling after a thunderstorm.

We invite your inquiry. BiOzone’s consulting services and guaranteed equipment can provide cost-effective solutions to your air quality problems. Contact Us to find out more.