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Ozone Water Treatment

Purifying Water With Ozone

Ozone has been used in Europe for water treatment since early in the 20th century. Initial applications were to disinfect relatively clean spring or well water, but they increasingly evolved to also oxidize contaminants common to surface waters. Since World War II, ozonation has become the primary method to assure clean water in Switzerland, West Germany and France. More recently, major fresh water and waste water treatment facilities using ozone water treatment methods have been constructed throughout the world.

Relatively, the use of ozone for water treatment and purification in the United States has been much more limited. However, the use of ozone has been increasing here in the US, particularly over the last decade as the negative effects of chlorination have become more apparent. For example, a modern water treatment plant in the USA has been built by the City of Los Angeles to use ozone for primary disinfection and microflocculation of as much as 600 million gallons of water per day. An East Texas power utility will be the first small water utility service in Texas to use ozone water treatment technology for drinking water purification. They have hired BiOzone for this task.

In the field of creative ozone water treatment, BiOzone designs, manufactures, and installs the finest ozone generator systems produced today. Each component interfaces harmoniously with the others to achieve the most cost effective and optimum performance. These process trains are installed around the world in a variety of industries. The solutions we offer are nowhere else available in the world.

The major component of our ozone water treatment system is the ozonator, which is built to our specifications. The ozone generator is assembled from high quality material, solid state electronics, and mechanical parts manufactured with consistently close tolerances, creating a uniquely high quality end product. By selecting the best water purification components, we have achieved long-term success and maintain a large satisfied customer base.

When considering the future of the industry of ozone within the more general industries of water treatment and waste clean up, one must understand the dynamics resulting from environmental activism and the true environmental challenge. The public is hypersensitive to chemical threats. It understands that a technical fix is required, but past procedures rightly give rise to suspicion. Partially, the desired solution must come from pollution prevention. But there will always be some waste, plus a great amount will continue to be inherited from past practices.

As a result of creating, handling or disposing of waste, companies of all sizes face costly and uncertain long-term environmental liabilities. Chemical treatment may disinfect or modify a waste to prevent it from being life-threatening, but downstream concentration will remain a problem, now magnified with added chemicals. Carbon filters may chemically reduce as well as collect a waste, but the contaminated filter, now a breeding ground for bacterial growth, must be disposed of. In contrast, ozonation destroys wastes in the water -- the downstream flow is cleaned, made more pure.

Purification of water with ozone is the superior treatment technology. Ozone water treatment is in keeping with the true environment.