QCE Biology Units 1 & 2 – Student Edition

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BIOZONE’s QCE Biology – Units 1 & 2 is specifically designed and written for Queensland Certificate of Education Biology.



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Product Description

For the first time BIOZONE has created a resource specifically for the Queensland (QCE) Biology curriculum. It features a new design and great new content. Now in full colour.

This new title (QCE Biology – UNITS 1&2) is comprised of 198 Activities over 290 pages. This comprehensive student resource includes the 8 activities that cover the mandatory practicals, plus 16 activities that address Science as a Human Endeavour (SHE).

This is a completely new resource, with content focussed on engaging with today’s students and providing them with the skills to be tomorrow’s scientists. 21st century skills are supported throughout, with a specific emphasis on the collection and analysis of data, experimental methods, and student understanding of science as a human endeavour. Activities to support the mandatory and suggested practicals are included and numeracy skills are well supported by both a dedicated skills chapter and integration throughout.

BIOZONE’s new QCE titles will provide students with the tools to develop their scientific skills, refine these skills, and provide evidence-based explanations for phenomena. With new ways to approach teaching and learning, including digital options and comprehensive online support for text users, BIOZONE is the obvious choice for today’s classrooms.

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