School License

Purchase a set of managed eBooks with eBook formats and features available to improve teaching in both digital and physical classrooms.


Assignable Student Work

Set homework tasks to classes or individual students. Create your very own custom assessments to test your students’ knowledge.


Grading and Reporting

Keep track of your students’ performance and progress. Use this to better understand your students and form a record of work.


LMS Integrations

Integrate BIOZONE eBooks easily into your current teaching workflow by connecting your Learning Management System through LTI connection.


Rostering & SSO Integrations

Easily provide access to users within your school by syncing your rosters into the eBooks platform and by providing Single Sign-On access.


Offline Access

Access your BIOZONE title wherever you go on the eBook Reader app, allowing you to download the title to your tablet device.


ELL Support

Support ELL with an embedded text-to-speech reader and navigational spanish translation.


Onboarding and Technical Support

Receive online training and support throughout your entire BIOZONE eBooks experience.


FREE eBook Teacher's Edition

Receive a complimentary eBook Teacher’s Edition with your purchase to help implement the curriculum/course into your lessons.


Available eBook Formats

School Licenses can include any of the following eBook formats within their License.



Affordable Option

This version of our eBooks provides a low-cost solution for individual purchase.

NOTE: this eBook format lacks the interactive components and student answering functions available within our eBook PLUS.


Full-Feature Option

This full-featured version of our eBooks provides all the functions of the eBook LITE version, PLUS the interactive components and student answering online. Student answers may form a “Record of Work” and teachers may choose to grade a selection of activities.

Teacher's Edition

School License Add-On

With any School License purchase teachers will receieve an eBook Teacher's Edition for FREE (where available). Our Teacher's Edition is the perfect tools for teachers to plan their lessons, with embedded answers in place.

eBook LITE

Our eBook LITE is a digital copy of the printed title with the added bonus of:


Readspeaker: Support students with learning disabilities or visual impairment with our embedded text-to-speech function.

Page Zoom: Zoom in and out of the page to see details.

Add Notes: Students can access previously added notes to highlighted text or to any other part of the page.

Selected Text: A comprehensive collection of MARKUP tools allow students to interact with text:

  • Color highlight
  • Dictionary definition
  • Access Google search
  • Access Wikipedia lookup

Simple Drawing Tools: A simple collection of drawing tools allow students to interact with images:

  • Draw over a diagram
  • Choose pen type and color
  • Eraser removes unwanted user drawing

Individual eBook LITE titles are also
available for purchase as a
Personal License

eBook PLUS

Fully interactive eBooks with added learning support materials and embedded questions.



Our eBook PLUS includes all of the features of the eBook LITE as well as:


Embedded Questions: Students can answer questions on each page of the eBook that are identical to those in the printed book.

Resource Hub: A variety of enrichment resources are available for many activities:

  • Display annotated 3D models
  • Website links (3rd party)
  • Access simulations
  • Video clips

Offline Resources: Students and teachers can see all the additional resources and enhancements available throughout the book.

eBook PLUS

This eBook format is provided FREE with the purchase of a School License


Our eBook Teacher’s Edition is a version of the student eBook designed to aid the teacher’s implementation of the curriculum/course.


Contains all of the features within an eBook LITE as well as:


Answers in Place: Model answers are provided by the publisher for each question within the title.

Resource Hub: A variety of enrichment resources are available for many activities:

  • Display annotated 3D models
  • Website links (3rd party)
  • Access simulations
  • Video clips


Classroom Guide: Your teacher’s edition may also include a Classroom Guide which complement BIOZONE’s Student Workbooks. They provide a wealth of information on how to use these resources to best effect.

Get the BIOZONE eBooks Reader App

Our eBook Reader App allows each eBook to be downloaded to your tablet device for offline access (minimise bandwidth required at home). However interactive elements, such as embedded questions and student assigned work, still require internet connection to function.

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