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Cell Biology and Biochemistry – Modular Workbook

Cell Biology & Biochemistry covers the structure, function, and study of cells and their components and is an ideal support volume for a wide range of biology courses.
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Evolution – Modular Workbook

In Evolution, students are encouraged to explore the overwhelming evidence for evolutionary change in populations and to critically evaluate hypotheses for the mechanisms by which this change occurs.
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Genes and Inheritance – Modular Workbook

Genes & Inheritance provides a comprehensive suite of activities through which students can develop a sound understanding of molecular genetics and inheritance.
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Health and Disease – Modular Workbook

Health & Disease provides students with comprehensive coverage of human health, human disease, and the role of modern medicine in treating and preventing health disorders.
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Human Evolution – Modular Workbook

Human Evolution takes students on an exploration of human origins, from our primate heritage to the new view of hominin diversity and the significance of recent interpretations of fossil and genetic evidence.
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Microbiology and Biotechnology – Modular Workbook

Microbiology and Biotechnology provides objectives and activities through which students can explore aspects of the microbial world. The essential role of microorganisms in traditional and modern biotechnology is thoroughly covered through a variety of engaging, clearly explained activities.
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Skills in Biology – Modular Workbook

Skills in Biology provides students with comprehensive guidelines for planning and executing biological investigations in both the laboratory and the field.
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