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Inspire learning beyond the classroom with BIOZONE eBooks. Ready-made for remote learning, they transform our highly engaging student print books into a digital format. With added interactive elements, including embedded questions and 3D models, they provide a rigorous program of instruction.

NOW available in two purchasing options: 

School License and Personal License

School License

Purchase a set(20+) of managed eBooks with additional features including:

  • eBook LITE and PLUS Availability
  • Assignable Student Work
  • A FREE eBook Teacher’s Edition
  • Grading and Reporting

Personal License

Purchase a single standalone BIOZONE title in eBook LITE format and access a digital version of the title wherever you go.

Which License type suits you?

Need More ELL Support?

Our BIOZONE Academy platform offers text-to-speech and

translation into 17 different languages for limited titles.

Get the BIOZONE eBooks Reader App

Our eBook Reader App allows each eBook to be downloaded to your tablet device for offline access (minimise bandwidth required at home). However interactive elements, such as embedded questions and student assigned work, still require internet connection to function.

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