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Next Generation Science Standards provide an innovative framework for 21st Century science learning. This ambitious initiative presents multiple challenges to both students and teachers alike. BIOZONE provides specific NGSS curricula and offers structured and tailored Professional Learning and/or Implementation Workshops. These aim to equip adopters of our programs with a comprehensive understanding of what BIOZONE offers and how to implement a student-friendly but rigorous NGSS program.


Training sessions may range from half day to full day. In-person or via webinar depending on your budget and timeframe. We look forward to assisting you in enhancing science teaching and learning in your school.

BIOZONE will work with you to solve some of the most common obstacles to implementing a successful NGSS program, including:

  • Understanding how BIOZONE’s products embrace NGSS pedagogy
  • How to effectively assess your students in three dimensions.
  • How to support ELL students in science.
  • How to scaffold delivery of content in a way that reflects how students learn (the 5Es model).
  • How to support students in developing an understanding of core content through use of science and engineering practices and application of crosscutting concepts.
  • How to encourage students to think critically and solve problems.
  • How to approach the delivery of NGSS content in a differentiated classroom.
  • How to use supplementary resources effectively.

Professional Development (PD) is $2,000 for 2.5 hours or $3,500 for 5 hours plus any applicable travel expenses if required. Please note: Costs may vary if specialised requirements i.e. PhD, industry expert or tailored sessions.

Product Implementation (in person) Half day is free of charge for district-wide adoptions. Charges may occur should we need to make arrangements for a full day ($1,500 for the extra half day time).

For personalized pricing please contact General Manager USA, Tony Ivers at [email protected].

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Our Professional Development Team

Richard Allan BIOZONE

Richard Allan (M.Sc)

Richard Allan has an MSc in biology and is founder and CEO of BIOZONE International, an educational publishing house specializing in the publication of instructional materials (both print and digital) for high school science programs. He travels extensively assisting schools with implementation and is often a speaker at industry conferences. He has a strong interest in the future potential of immersive digital technologies to provide highly engaging experiences for science education students.

Lissa Bainbridge-Smith BIOZONE

Lissa Bainbridge-Smith


Lissa graduated with a Masters in Science (hons) from the University of Waikato. After graduation she worked in industry in a research and development capacity for eight years. Lissa joined BIOZONE in 2006 and is hands-on developing new curricula and is a member of BIOZONE’s professional development team. Lissa has also taught science theory and practical skills to international students and English language learners.

Mark Temons BIOZONE

Mark Temons (M.Sc)

Mark has a BSc in Biology & General Science, and a Masters in Science (Research biology was a junior-senior high school biology, general science teacher from 1986 until 2018 and served as an adjunct faculty member for Penn College teaching human anatomy & physiology. He taught in private and public schools in PA, and in a prestigious prep school in Beijing, China. As a committed educator, he received many awards including National Biology Teacher of the Year in 2000 for the state of PA.

Pamela Temons BIOZONE

Pamela Temons (M.Sc)

Pamela achieved a BSc in biology and General Science and an M.Sc. in Chemistry Education from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA.  She was a junior – senior high school biology and general science teacher for 32 years. She taught in both private and public schools in PA and in a prestigious prep school in Beijing, China. Throughout her career she has taught every science except physics and has spent much of her career in a low socio-economic community, working to raise the performance level of many struggling students. In this, BIOZONE’s programs became an important tool for her.

Jill Netz-Fulkerson BIOZONE

Dr. Jill Netz-Fulkerson


Jill has been an education consultant since 2000 and enjoys consulting and training with schools and districts matching student-focused curriculum and instruction materials. Jill’s Ph.D. is in Curriculum and Instruction (Department of Teaching and Learning Sciences) and she also has a Masters in Technology Management. Currently Jill serves on many education boards and is the Colorado National Science Teaching Association (NSTA) representative and the new BIOZONE consultant in the heart of the United States of America–Colorado, Nebraska, Kansas, and Wyoming.

Rachel Aguilar BIOZONE

Rachel M. Aguilar

(M.A., B.S.)

Rachel Aguilar is a 6th year biology instructor at Alliance Judy Ivie Burton Technology high school and an online content creator and streamer for Advanced Placement Biology. Rachel is a dedicated teacher with the motivation to engage students and advance their opportunities in S.T.E.M. fields. She has been awarded back to back Teacher of the Year awards at Burton.
She also serves as department chair for science, 9th grade level lead and enjoys taking part in her school wide professional learning committee.

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