AP Environmental Science: eBook (12 Month Personal License)


BIOZONE’s title: AP Environmental Science represents a dedicated title to address the APES CED. Using engaging, current and relevant case studies and emphasizing inquiry and problem solving, BIOZONE’s AP Environmental Science addresses the two essential components of the course framework: science practices and course content

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Product Description

BIOZONE’s AP Environmental Science is a dedicated title to address the APES CED. This title takes a global perspective, examining the very latest issues concerning the environment while still providing the foundation for students to understand and engage with the science involved. Current concerns in the global community, including wildfires, COVID-19, glacial retreat, and loss of biodiversity are examined, with the emphasis being on the interconnectedness of Earth’s systems and the importance of ecosystem services. Using current case studies, student investigations, and data analysis.

BIOZONE’s AP Environmental Science emphasizes the application of knowledge to understanding the Earth’s systems and identifying and analyzing environmental problems and their solutions. This easily navigated resource addresses the two essential components of the course framework: science practices and course content. Its interdisciplinary approach and highly visual format encourage students to engage fully with the principles, ideas, and methodologies required to understand the natural world.

Features and Benefits
Chapter introductions provide a summary of required content, encapsulating the essential knowledge statements matched point for point.
Key questions provide the focus for each activity.
Student inquiry is supported through simple hands-on investigations (lab and field based).
The big ideas and science practices spiral across topics and units.
Through current case studies, students identify and analyze natural and human-made environmental problems and evaluate solutions.
Concept and science practice codes help students make important connections across the whole program.
Personal progress checks provide opportunity for formative assessment and prepare students for their AP exam.