The Ultimate Digital Science Platform

We are excited to announce the launch of BIOZONE WORLD… a stunning new science content delivery platform that brings together all of our digital resources for easy access.


BIOZONE WORLD incorporates digital replicas of our highly acclaimed print titles together with our rich digital collection of Presentation Slides , 3D models, curated Open Education Resources (OER) videos and links to OER websites, thereby providing powerful and flexible options for delivering your high school science programs. Educators can easily plan lessons, assign work, and grade student responses.

Translation in BIOZONE WORLD

We have released a new experimental feature – the realtime translation of highlighted (English) text in our books into any of 150 other languages, using the Google Translate service.  

The 27 most commonly requested languages are currently active. This feature is experimental because we wish to test the performance of the service with real customer data, as well as evaluate how well it performs as a solution to support English Language Leaners (ELL students) with such a diverse range of homeland languages. We will expand the service to cover all languages soon, once testing is complete.



BIOZONE WORLD incorporates eBook replicas of our highly acclaimed print titles together with our rich digital collection of:


  • Presentation slides
  • Interactive 3D Models
  • Curated OER Videos
  • Links to OER Websites

Access to BIOZONE WORLD is provided by purchase of institutional (school) licences to specific book titles.


  • Licence terms are for 1 year minimum (longer terms are available upon request)
  • Purchase of institutional (school) licences to specific book titles only. A minimum of 20 licences of a single book title must be purchased.

Types of Licences:

Student Access

Features a fully interactive digital replica of the print book:


• Students can markup and add annotations.


• Students can answer questions online and submit them to their teacher.


• Students can access digital resources for most activities, including:  Presentation slides, 3D models, Curated videos, Curated weblinks.

Teacher ONLY Access

Free access is provided for teachers of classes that have purchased student licences (minimum student licences purchased applies). Teachers have access to all the above digital resources plus:


• Use Presentation Slides in a presentation lecture-style in an interactive whiteboard.

• Teacher can assign activities as time-sensitive coursework.

• Teacher can view, comment and grade student response to questions.

• Teacher has access to online model answers display buttons. Display model answers at the click of a button 

• Some questions have offline components (PDF file downloads). These will be provided in the resources list for the activity with a download link.

• Teacher can assign activities to classes or individual students.

Our Programs in BIOZONE WORLD

Anatomy & Physiology
Biology for NGSS
Earth & Space Sciences
The Living Earth
AP Environmental Science
Environmental Science
Physical Sciences
Physics of the Universe
IB Biology
Chemistry in the Earth System

Technical Specifications & System Requirements

Microsoft Windows Computers

Apple Macintosh Computers

Chromebook Computers

Tablets: Android and iOS (Currently In Development) 

Google Chrome (version 72+)

Microsoft Edge (version 88+)

Mozilla Firefox (version +)

Safari (version 13.1.2+)

MacOS 10.13+

Windows 8.1+

Linux (64-bit Ubuntu 18.04+, Debian 10+, openSUSE 15.2+, or Fedora Linux 32+)

Processor: Core 2 Duo (2.8 GHz)


Monitor Resolution: 1366 x 976