eBook Personal Licenses

Personal licenses allow students, parents, and teachers to purchase a standalone BIOZONE title in eBook LITE format.


Our Personal Licenses allow students, teachers, and parents to purchase a standalone BIOZONE title in eBook LITE format and access a digital version of the title wherever they go.


NOTE: This eBook format lacks the interactive features and the student-answering online functions available within our eBook PLUS versions. Need those functions? Click here to find out more about our School License option.

Read speaker: Support students with learning disabilities or visual impairment with our embedded text-to-speech function.

Page Zoom: Zoom in and out of the page to see details.

Add Notes: Students can access previously added notes to highlighted text or to any other part of the page.

Selected Text: A comprehensive collection of MARKUP tools allow students to interact with text:

●Color highlight
●Dictionary definition
●Access Google search
●Access Wikipedia lookup

Simple Drawing Tools: A simple collection of drawing tools allow students to interact with images:

●Draw over a diagram
●Choose pen type and colour
●Eraser removes unwanted user drawing


Step 1: Purchase the title/s of your choice from the e-store

Step 2: You will receive a confirmation email with your login details. 

Step 3: To access your eBook, login to the eBook login page

Step 4: Successful login. Begin using your BIOZONE eBook LITE