Return/Refund Policy

(Physical Products)

IMPORTANT: No refunds or returns will be accepted without a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number.

  • In case of claiming a credit for damage during transit, defect in manufacture, or dispatch error, please call our sales office within 24 hours of delivery.
  • Surplus stock may only be returned at the customer’s expense.
  • The customer must request a Return Merchandise 
Authorisation (RMA) number.
  • Books must be received into our warehouse in original condition within 30 days from date of invoice.
  • Books received in anything but original condition (damaged or shop-soiled) will not be eligible for a credit.
  • BIOZONE charges a 10% administration fee on all stock returns.

(Digital Products)

Digital products are not eligible for a refund. All digital product sales are final. Digital products include but are not restricted to the following: 

  • BIOZONE Academy (discontinued)
  • BIOZONE eBooks (discontinued)
  • Presentation Media (discontinued)
  • Digital Teacher’s Edition (discontinued)

Pricing and Availability

  • Discount price: Only applies when purchasing direct from BIOZONE. A minimum of 10 books of the same title must be purchased to qualify for this discount.
  • Recommended Retail Price (RRP): Applies to purchases of 1-9 books of the same title
  • School Managed eBooks are half price when bundled with the corresponding copy of the printed title.
  • Some items may become unavailable for purchase.  
  • While every effort is made to keep this price list up to date, prices may change without notice.  
  • Errors & omissions excepted.  
  • All prices quoted are in NZD and are inclusive of GST.


  • Student Access price to BIOZONE WORLD is 50% off when purchased with the corresponding printed Student Edition. (minimum quantities apply)
  • Teachers get FREE Teacher Access to BIOZONE WORLD with the purchase of 10+ Student Access Licenses.
  • Teachers get FREE Teacher Access to BIOZONE WORLD with the purchase of 10+ printed Student Editions.
  • License duration is 12 months (unless stated otherwise).
  • License activation date can be stipulated by the customer.


  1. All books published by BIOZONE International Ltd MAY NOT BE PHOTOCOPIED, duplicated, or put into any electronic medium, in part or whole, without the written permission of BIOZONE International Ltd. Absolutely no photocopying is permitted under any photocopy licensing scheme.

2. Presentation Media

NOTE: Presentation Slides are now available through BIOZONE WORLD and are no longer available as downloads or on disk.

BIOZONE retains copyright to the intellectual property included in the Presentation Media files, with acknowledgment that certain photos are used under license and are credited appropriately.

You MAY:

  1. Use the Presentation Media files for presentations in your classrooms using a data projector, interactive whiteboard or overhead projector.
  2. Place the Presentation Media files on any staff computer within the school, including staff laptops, but not in contradiction to clause 2 (g) below.
  3. Place the Presentation Media files on:
  • The school’s intranet (school computer network)
  • VLE (Virtual Learning Environment)
  • A CMS (Content Management System)

Student and staff access must be restricted to those who are enrolled/working on the campus of the registered purchaser. Student and staff access to a VLE or a CMS must be controlled by a user login and password protocol, but not in contradiction to clause 2 (f) below. If students have access, they need to be made aware of the Conditions of Use and are only allowed to view the content.

  1. Edit and customize the Presentation Media files by adding, deleting, and modifying information to better suit your needs, but not in contradiction to clauses 2 (h) – (l) below.
  2. Print out the Presentation Media files in PowerPoint® or Keynote® “Handouts” mode for the express purpose of allowing students to make their own notes about the presentation, but not in contradiction to clause 2 (j) below.


  1. Place the Presentation Media files on to the Internet or on a service that may be accessed off-campusunless access to the service is protected by a user login and password protocol, and is restricted to students and staff enrolled/working on the campus of the registered purchaser.
  2. Place the Presentation Media files on student laptop computers
  3. REMOVE any of the references to BIOZONE, the title slidescopyright noticesphoto credits, orterms of use from the Presentation Media files.
  4. Create a NEW document using any of the graphics/images in the Presentation Media files.
  5. Print the Presentation Media files on to paper to make your own worksheets for distribution to students.
  6. Incorporate any part of the Presentation Media files for the production of another commercial product.
  7. Share or give away any content off-campus. This prohibition applies to, but is not limited to, sharing via the Internet or any website, (examples: YouTube, slide sharing websites).

3. Classroom Guide (previously known as Teacher’s Handbook & Teacher’s Guide)

These are supplied as ancillary resources to be used solely in conjunction with corresponding Course Workbook(s). They are for staff use only.   

Some of the activities in your BIOZONE book have references to third-party websites. BIOZONE is not responsible for the content or continued availability of these websites.

Access to these 3D models is currently freely available to all visitors, regardless of whether or not you are a valued customer of BIOZONE. However, this may change in the future as we develop this resource more fully.

These models are subject to copyright and may not be downloded or 3D printed.

5. eBooks

The same copyright restrictions as print-book versions apply to BIOZONE’s eBooks. They are provided as a service for a designated number of licenses for a specific period of time.


  1. Access the e-books for the duration of the license period for the number of user licenses purchased under the license.
  2. You may distribute user licenses to your students for the duration of the license.
  3. Teachers are granted complementary access to the same book titles as those licensed to their students, for the duration of the license.
  4. Licenses are provided on a one user license per student basis (i.e. user licenses are not to be issued to more than one student at a time, rather, additional licenses should be purchased in that instance).


  1. Obtain a “screen capture”, copy or disassemble the content of the ebook to repurpose that content for use in another medium or context.
  2. Print off physical copies of the content, with the exception of the designated “offline activities” supplied as a PDF file. These are to be printed and used as a student activity.
  3. Sub-license any unused licenses to another entity outside of the institution that has been granted the license.
  4. Continue using the e-Book content after the expiry date of the license.

Conditions of Use are subject to change without notice.

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