Purchase a single standalone BIOZONE title in eBook format and access a digital version of the title wherever you go.




Offline and Portable Access

Access your BIOZONE title wherever you go on the eBook Reader app, allowing you to download the title to your tablet device.

EAL/D Support

Support EAL/D students with an embedded text-to-speech reader and navigational spanish translation

Technical Support

Receive support via our In-App Knowledge Base and Technical Support line through your entire eBook experience.

Instant Access to High Quality Resources

Purchase through our eStore and get immediate access to the title(s) of your choice.

Cost Efficient

Perfect for small classrooms or homeschooled students on a budget, with titles being available at a cheaper price to the print book.

eBook LITE Features on Tablet



Our eBooks are digital copies of our printed titles with the added bonus of:

Readspeaker: Support students with learning disabilities or visual impairment with our embedded text-to-speech function.
Page Zoom: Zoom in and out of the page to see details.
Add Notes: Students can access previously added notes to highlighted text or to any other part of the page.
Selected Text: A comprehensive collection of MARKUP tools allow students to interact with text:
  • Colour highlight
  • Dictionary definition
  • Access Google search
  • Access Wikipedia lookup
Simple Drawing Tools: A simple collection of drawing tools allow students to interact with images:
  • Draw over a diagram
  • Choose pen type and colour
  • Eraser removes unwanted user drawing

Additional eBook formats and features available through a
School Licence


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