Introducing: IB Biology

Introducing IB Biology

This significantly upgraded, cutting-edge edition has evolved an already great resource into a full textbook replacement – but with so much more.

Spanning 600+ pages, it seamlessly integrates standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) material, ensuring a cohesive delivery of the IB Biology program. 

Now in full color, this 3-in-1 hybrid worktext resource combines the very best of a visually engaging textbook featuring an infographic style, with the function of a study guide, and the utility of a workbook – that forms a student’s “record of work”.

Karim Sumar of the UK reviewed the IB Biology, third edition and expressed:

“I salute you all for this amazing book. I’ve seen a brief preview (thank you Biozone) and the colorful representations to illustrate some of the biological concepts are brilliant. e.g. when you look at Biological Molecules, some of the drawings and live photos are stunning and the text is beautifully written by the authors. Good pertinent test questions after every chapter – nice one! Well done everyone at Biozone in making Biology such an interesting topic!”

Ib Biology


  • Full color for a visually stunning experience
  • Clear chapter introductions and focused activities
  • Key ideas that provide a focus [point for each activity
  • Numerous data-driven activities provide students with excellent examples of real-world scientific investigations. 
  • QR codes linking to interactive 3D models for an immersive experience. 
  • Specifically designed summative assessments for a comprehensive review
  • Standard level (SL) and higher level (HL) material



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