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Our UPCOMING NEW title: Biology for Texas

Biology for Texas print title with Horned Lizard on blue background


  • Full color 
  • TEKS and ELPS incorporated and identified throughout  
  • Content anchors provide an engaging context for each chapter 
  • Key Question provides a focus for each activity 
  • Practical investigations and equipment list provided 
  • QR codes link directly to interactive 3D models 
  • Glossary (English/Spanish) 
  • Dedicated Science Skills chapter 
  • Assessments  

Contents (chapters) 

  • Cells and Viruses 
  • Cell Cycle 
  • Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration 
  • Animal and Plant Structure and Function 
  • DNA and Gene Expression 
  • Patterns of Inheritance 
  • Common Ancestry 
  • Evolution and Natural Selection 
  • Ecological Interactions 
  • Science Practices 



Biology for Texas has been specifically written for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Science (High School Biology). This is a well-rounded resource, combining the program’s required elements with BIOZONE’s trademark rigorous and highly visual approach.  


The TEKS form the basis for structure of Biology for Texas. A simple tab system identifies these are covered, with differentiation made between Scientific and Engineering Practices TEKS and Science Concept TEKS. For teachers, additional coding in the Teacher’s Edition identifies specific TEKS breakouts. The coding also identifies if the breakout is addressing a narrative or activity component of the TEKS, where narrative gives the opportunity to teach a concept and activity offers an opportunity to assess understanding of it. 


English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) are integrated throughout in a way that requires students to think critically, understand and learn new concepts, process complex academic material, and interact and communicate in English within the science classroom. Four levels of ELPS differentiation are provided to support learners with differing backgrounds and levels of English language proficiency. Simple icons identify where these are integrated within the activities. 

The nature of science, scientific inquiry, and science and ethical components of the program are integral within the activities. 


BIOZONE’s unique, interactive worktext approach encourages direct interaction with the content. Students record their answers within the context of the stimulus material and form a record of work for quick and easy revision. Packed with useful features (below) and supported by a suite of resources in the Teacher Toolkit, Biology for Texas provides an engaging and comprehensive program for students of varying abilities. 



Texas Resources: Our AP Titles

AP biology

AP Biology

BIOZONE’s new title for AP® Biology is the third edition of this popular resource. Now in full color and one comprehensive volume, it has been completely revised to address the 2020 AP® Biology CED. This title expertly balances breadth of content with depth of understanding, employing a wide variety of activities to develop the student’s skills in key science practices. In keeping with the approach of the new CED, AP® Biology deemphasizes the traditional approach of content coverage to focus on inquiry, critical thinking, and enduring understanding of key concepts.

AP Environmental Science

AP Environmental Science

BIOZONE’s AP Environmental Science is a dedicated title to address the APES CED. This title takes a global perspective, examining the very latest issues concerning the environment while still providing the foundation for students to understand and engage with the science involved. Current concerns in the global community, including wildfires, COVID-19, glacial retreat, and loss of biodiversity are examined, with the emphasis being on the interconnectedness of Earth’s systems and the importance of ecosystem services.

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Play Video about whats new in AP Environmental Science

An Introduction to BIOZONE




What makes BIOZONE different? Our “worktext” approach combines the best features from both textbooks and workbooks, encouraging students to create a record of work within the context of the book. 


Our resources encourage students to develop their research skills and build upon their understanding of the subject.