happy christmas

Happy Holidays 2023 – 2024

As we approach the festive season, we want to express our sincere gratitude for your continued support throughout the year. It has been a pleasure working with you, and we’re excited about the possibilities the coming year holds.

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BIOZONE WORLD Feature Images


Designed for high school students and teachers, BIOZONE WORLD, provides comprehensive worktexts, 3-D models, OER videos and weblinks, presentation slides, and interactive worktexts in one place. BIOZONE WORLD changes the

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Biology for NGGS features

BIOZONE’s Biology For NGSS

Specifically designed for the NGSS curriculum, BIOZONE’s Biology for NGSS has been meticulously created to align with the NGSS standards. Structured on the DCIs of the framework, this resource provides

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AI in the future of education

The Future Of AI In Education

The future of AI is unprecedented, but with the hype surrounding this incredible technology, the future of education is also uncertain. Will AI help or hinder the industry and what will it mean for teachers and students in the years to come?

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Valentine’s Day: SCIENCED

Valentine’s Day has a long and fascinating history, evolving from a pagan fertility festival in ancient Rome to a global holiday celebrating love and affection in the modern era. Despite

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COMING SOON: BIOZONE’s release of updated full-color Anatomy and Physiology title set for March 2023 PRESS RELEASE: January 13th, 2023, BIOZONE’s 3rd Edition of Anatomy and Physiology is set to

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