The Ultimate Science Platform

BIOZONE WORLD started its journey in 2021 as just an ambitious idea, but since then has grown to become a dynamic science content platform that compiles all of BIOZONE’s exceptional digital resources in one convenient location. With the flexibility to work within the titles and complete teacher-led assignments with ease, students are engaged and motivated to learn. The platform’s straightforward grading system and model answers provide additional support, allowing teachers to monitor student progress and ensure comprehension before any formal examinations take place.

At BIOZONE, we recognize that privacy and security are paramount concerns when it comes to digital educational programs. That’s why we use the latest technology and industry best practices to safeguard your data and information. We are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that all data is handled securely and responsibly, providing you with peace of mind as you use our platform to support your students’ education. With BIOZONE World, you can be confident that your students’ learning experience is safe, secure, and enriching.

BIOZONE WORLD incorporates eBook replicas of our highly acclaimed print titles together with our rich digital collection of:


• Presentation slides (PLUS license only)
• Interactive 3D models
• Curated OER videos
• Links to OER websites


Access to BIOZONE WORLD is provided by purchase of institutional (school) licences to specific book titles. A minimum of 20 licences must be purchased.

Take a look at BIOZONE WORLD and get familiar with the user interface, by watching our introductory video!

Types of Licences:


Basic eBook features that display a non-interactive version of the book:

• Simple eBook reader (students view the book, but cannot enter answers online)
• Basic digital resources are available (3D models, curated videos and weblinks)
• Teacher also has access to online model answers display buttons


Advanced features, with all the functions of LITE (above), plus more:

• eBook reader where students can enter answers online
• All digital resources are available, with Presentation Slides added for most activities
• Teacher has access to online model answers display buttons.
• Teacher can assign activities as time-sensitive coursework.
• Teacher can view, comment and grade student response to questions.