Introducing: Biology For Texas

Introducing Biology for texas

Our educational resources for Texas offer an engaging way of learning for students, offering captivating and vivid annotated diagrams and illustrations. Our unique, interactive worktext approach to learning encourages direct interaction with the content. Students have the ability to input their answers directly onto the page in the context of the book. This in turn becomes a record of work and allows teachers to go back and easily find any gaps in the student’s knowledge before any formal assessment; additionally providing a fantastic resource for revision.

Biology For Texas

BIOZONE’S Biology For Texas has been specifically written for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for science (High School Biology). This resource offers high-quality infographics and an inquiry-driven pedagogical approach inspires students to be curious about the scientific world.  

Biology For Texas is easy to follow with numbered activities to make navigating through the book easier, and an activity coding system with tab codes that indicate online support via BIOZONE’S resource hub and identify the TEKS covered in the activity. BIOZONE’S high-quality infographics and inquiry-driven pedagogical approach inspire students to be curious about the scientific world.

Our unique, interactive worktext approach encourages direct interaction with the content, allowing students to record their answers within the context of the stimulus material and form a “record of work” for quick and easy revision.  The TEKS form the basis of the structure of Biology for Texas. A tab system identifies where the scientific and engineering practices TEKS and Science concepts TEKS are integrated. English Language Proficiency Standards (ELPS) are integrated throughout in a way that requires students to think critically, understand and learn new concepts, process complex academic material, and interact and communicate in English within the science classroom.       



Biology for texas BIOZONE
Biology for texas on Biozone world

Biology For Texas on BIOZONE WORLD

Our brand new digital platform: BIOZONE WORLD, now incorporates Biology For Texas. BIOZONE WORLD offers a plethora of engaging resources to enhance your student’s learning. Including:

  • Interactive and annotated 3D models
  • Our own curated list of OER Weblinks and videos
  • Digital replicas of the student edition and teacher edition with teacher-only access
  • Vibrant and engaging annotated illustrations and diagrams
  • A space with questions for a digital “record of work” for easy revision and the ability to identify gaps in knowledge before any formal assessment
  • Widgets on the home page with the latest in science news and ability to create notes

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