Did you miss us – Our Conferences 2023

If you couldn’t make the conferences we attended over the last few months, then don’t worry. We have all our presentations in PDF format below for you to download and take a look at. 

Thank you to everyone who attended and came to see us either at our booth or at one of our workshops, we had an amazing time and were delighted with the fantastic responses we got in relation to our resources.

Explore BIOZONE's new titles and new digital platform, BIOZONE WORLD

Discover how our science titles have been incorporated into BIOZONE WORLD, our new science delivery platform. BIOZONE WORLD brings together digital replicas of our worktexts with all of our digital resources for easy access and engaging lesson delivery.

Product showcase
Biozone world

Discover BIOZONE WORLD, a stunning new science content delivery platform

BIOZONE WORLD, our new digital science platform, brings our digital worktexts and rich collection of digital resources together in a single place. Utilize BIOZONE’s digital worktexts, presentation slides, 3D models, and curated videos to deliver engaging and robust science programs.

Explore BIOZONE's latest resource for Texas: Biology for Texas

Explore our latest title: Biology For Texas. Biology for Texas has been specifically written for the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) for Science (High School Biology). BIOZONE’S high-quality infographics and inquiry-driven pedagogical approach inspire students to be curious about the scientific world. 

biology for texas
NSTA Conference