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Specifically designed for the NGSS curriculum, BIOZONE’s Biology for NGSS has been meticulously created to align with the NGSS standards. Structured on the DCIs of the framework, this resource provides multiple opportunities for students to practice, develop, and demonstrate mastery of the three dimensions. 

BIOZONE’s high-quality full-color annotated diagrams and inquiry-driven pedagogical approach inspires students to be curious about the scientific world. Our unique, interactive worktext approach encourages direct interaction with the content, allowing students to record their answers within the context of the stimulus material and form a record of work for quick and easy revision. 

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What sets Biology for NGSS apart is its commitment to engaging students through interactive learning experiences. The worktext employs unique delivery approaches and vibrant visuals to captivate students’ attention, making complex biological concepts accessible and relatable. It emphasizes phenomena based learning and hands-on investigations, encouraging students to develop critical thinking skills and explore the scientific method. 

Complementing the comprehensive content in Biology for NGSS, BIOZONE offers a range of ancillary resources and, more recently, integration on our brand-new digital platform: BIOZONE WORLD. Enhancing the learning experience, OER weblinks, videos, and 3D models provide students with additional opportunities to reinforce their understanding.


These digital resources seamlessly integrate with the worktext providing a cohesive and enriched learning environment.   

By connecting biology to real-world contexts, Biology for NGSS sparks students’ curiosity and emphasizes the relevance of scientific concepts. Engaging case studies, current research, and practical examples bridge the gap between theory and application, encouraging students to become active participants in scientific inquiry and exploration. 

Our Digital Resources

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Designed for high school students and teachers, BIOZONE WORLD, provides comprehensive worktexts, 3-D models, OER videos and weblinks, presentation slides, and interactive worktexts in one place. Biology for NGSS, along with 8 other programs, has been ingested into the BIOZONE WORLD platform. 


Join BIOZONE as we discuss the latest topics in Science Education for secondary grades. The webinars will be presented by our expert authors or resource advisors. Each webinar is followed by a Q&A on the topic.

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