COMING SOON: BIOZONE’s release of updated full-color Anatomy and Physiology title set for March 2023

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PRESS RELEASE: January 13th, 2023, BIOZONE’s 3rd Edition of Anatomy and Physiology is set to be released at the beginning of March, bringing with it a unique way of interactive learning through the use of QR codes linking to 3-D models, full-color illustrations, and 70 pages of newly updated content.

Using four distinct themes laid out within the book, disease, medicine and technology, aging, and exercise, the book also includes:

• COVID-19 pandemic 

• Vaping

• Understanding the human structure and how it functions

Take a quick look now – you can access an immediate FULL PREVIEW (see every page) by going to the product page and clicking on the Full Preview button at:

Richard, CEO of BIOZONE said, “I am super excited to announce the publication of our new edition of Anatomy & Physiology. It represents a significant enhancement of an already great title. We have already had strong interest from Higher Ed institutions seeing it as an excellent introduction to health science and nurse training courses.”



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