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BiOzone Corporation is a world-leading manufacturer of ozone generators and ozone water treatment process trains designed to meet a wide range of water and air pollution oxidation needs.

BiOzone's ozonation technology is effectual in processing, recycling and treating process water, removing color and odor from wastewater, and purifying drinking water through its ozone generator oxidation system process.

Before: Chlorination

Before Ozone Technology Chlorination
Prior to ozonation treatment, this hot spring swimming pool in Glenwood Springs, Colorado was treated with chlorine and sand filtration only.

After: Ozonation

After Ozone Technology Chlorination
BiOzone ozonation technology combined with multimedia filtration was applied to treat the pool water.

BiOzone's ozone disinfection system uses an ozonation process to purify all types of source waters. Air quality can be improved in which ozone molecules remove suspended particles and oxidize organic odor molecules. Ozone is made of oxygen and, therefore, when changed to pure oxygen, the ozone safely disappears after it is used.

Ozone technology has many purposeful uses and BiOzone's ozone products are safe for the environment. BiOzone's ozone generator systems are easy to use. They are the most effective treatment for air and water quality pollution problems.

The Company

BiOzone Corporation has solved water quality, wastewater treatment, and air pollution control problems utilizing state-of-the-art and proprietary ozone reactor and filtration technology for 20 years.

BiOzone offers other innovative unit processes as may be required for specific applications. BiOzone's air, wastewater and drinking water-specific ozone generator products are described throughout this website.