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  • chemistry in the earth system
    SKU: CES1
    BIOZONE's Chemistry in the Earth System series is written specifically to address an Integrated Chemistry course adaptation of the NGSS program.
    RRP: $37.95
    Volume discount: $27.95
  • physical sciences for ngss
    SKU: NPS1
    Physical Sciences has been specifically written to meet the high school physics requirements of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The three dimensions (science practices, crosscutting concepts, and disciplinary core ideas) of the standards are integrated throughout the workbook.
    RRP: $37.95
    Volume discount: $27.95
  • SKU: CES1-TE
    TEACHER PURCHASE ONLY - Must be purchased in conjunction with a minimum of 20+ copies of the student editions of the same title. The Teacher’s Edition is identical to the Student Edition, with the additional feature of having answers to questions appearing in place.
  • SKU: CES1-CG
    The Classroom Guide is a teaching resource designed to assist in best use of Chemistry in the Earth System and its features.
  • SKU: NPS1-CG
    The Classroom Guide is a teaching resource designed to assist in the best use of Physical Sciences for NGSS and its features.
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